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Alpha Omega Translations - Kythira - Visit Kythera - Greece

Alpha Omega Translations

The contents of this website is translated in French, Italian, German, Turkish, English, Spanish, and Greek by Alpha Omega Translations

Alpha Omega Translations is a full service agency providing translation, interpretation, telephone interpreting, and desktop publishing services in all languages. With more than 30 years experience, Alpha Omega Translations has a pool of a several thousand translators and interpreters representing the best in the business.

Our teams have experience procuring and managing very large multilingual translation and interpretation projects and are dedicated to a very high level of customer service.

Alpha Omega Translations provides a full range of translation solutions, specializing in the following sectors and industries:

Development, Global Health, Health Care, Legal, Technical, Agriculture, Food Security, Peace, Stability, and Transition, Democracy and Governance, Education and Youth, Defense, Financial, Environment and Natural Resources, Water, Energy, Sustainable Cities, Gender Equality and Social Inclusions, Corporate Partnership, Economic Growth and trade, Multi Media, Supply Chain Solutions, Marketing, Merchandising, e-commerce, Marketing, manufacturing, Banking/insurance, Biology, Construction and civil engineering, Energy, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Packaging, Software.

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