A picturesque village by the seaside in the eastern part of Kythera. The architecture is typical of the Cyclades (a group of islands in the center of the Aegean Sea). Avlemonas is one of the most beautiful villages on the island, owing to the small inlets with their emerald-green crystal-clear waters. The short walks on cobblestone paths around the village are one of the best attractions for couples in love.

For families with children Avlemonas is an ideal setting. The village offers visitors a nice place to swim thanks to the small inlets, traditional restaurants where you can feast on fresh fish, small cafés on the seaside, and several concerts organized mostly in the summertime. If you wish you can even fish from the boulders or rent a small boat to admire the east coast from the sea.

Avlemonas has several rooms and apartments for rent with all the luxurious amenities for you to spend your vacation with complete peace of mind, especially those who want everything within arm’s reach. This is the only explanation for the number of tourists who have been coming here for years, completely ignoring the rest of the island. The village is quite remote and serves as a self-sustaining destination, with its very own enthusiastic “audience”.

However, over the past few years Avlemonas has been developing into a small town, especially since there are plans to extend it to three times its size, which could be damaging to its very nature. Avlemonas is located next to the island’s longest beachfront, Paleopolis.

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