A wild and very beautiful gorge, also known as Kakia Lagada.  It starts in Palaiochora, a Byzantine citadel formally called Agios Dimitrios, and stretches all the way to the northern coast of Kythera, east of Agia Pelagia, to Limni (the lake).  The mouth of the gorge forms a lake, hence the name of the place. Walking along the gorge is a difficult task and requires proper gear.  In two places you will need to use a rope.  In the winter it is impossible to cross the gorge as the waters form several deep lagoons here and there.

To go down and walk through the gorge there are two options.  The first is to walk from the village of Trifilianika.  Take the path that leads to Palaiochora and from there continue in the gorge along the stream without climbing up the hill.  The second is to drive to Palaiochora.  From there, near the church of Agia Varvara there is a path leading down to the stream in the gorge. Being inside this gorge gives visitors the feeling of being surrounded by rugged beauty.


From Palaiochora till the end of the gorge in Limni the trek will take about two hours. The river banks are quite rugged, there are many rocks and the way down is difficult.  You need to be extra careful to avoid any accidents.  In those very difficult areas that require rope there are rings specially embedded in the rock where you can tie the rope.

Required gear:

  • Hiking shoes
  • Rock-climbing gear
  • Rope
  • Water flask
  • Bathing suit
  • First-aid kit
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