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ποδηλασία στα κύθηρα biking on kythera

Cycling in Kythera requires the muscles and the lungs of an athlete.  As you get to know the island you will understand that this is far from being the ideal place for cycling! That is, unless you have a craving for rugged trails, since Kythera is an island of hills.  Nevertheless, there are places where cycling is easier, such as Agia Pelagia, Diakofti, Palaiopoli and Avlemonas, as will as some trails in Kalamos, Livadi, Logothetianika and Gerakari.  You can also go on asphalted or stony paths.  You need to be extremely careful on asphalted paths as automobiles drive at high speeds and visual range is limited because of bends in the roads and plants that sometimes grow in very thick patches along the road.

Bike or moped?

The ideal bike would be a mountain bike.  Wearing a small helmet will improve cycling safety.  Do not leave without it! If you’d rather not work up too much of a sweat go for a moped or a trial motorcycle (cross-country motorcycle).  You can bring your own bicycle or motorcycle or rent one from one of the motorcycle and automobile rental facilities.  There are several types of bicycles and motorcycles available for rent.


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