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Kythera Summer Edition - Κύθηρα - Visit Kythera

Kythera Summer Edition

Kythera Summer Edition is a free bilingual publication that showcases the island’s beauty, history, culture and heritage. We publish stories that relate to Kythera both locally and internationally. But we are much more than just a tourist paper.

We keep our readers up to date on local initiatives, discuss wider ranging issues such as the return of the Parthenon Marbles; we highlight significant achievements by members of the Kytherian diaspora, feature books published by Kytherian authors.

Kythera Summer Edition supports green tourism and is passionate about promoting the range of quality products such as oil, wine, tsiporo, olives, honey and paximadia (rusks) that are all locally produced on the island.

Kythera Summer Edition is your guide for where to go and what to see. Read up on Kythera’s best beaches, what festivals and dances are happening, when services are held in some of the island’s remote centuries old churches.

We also feature regular updates on the Antikythira Bird Observatory and the Antikythera archaeological excavations.

In the 26 years since its inception, as the paper’s global reach continues to steadily increase, so does the contribution it makes to the island’s prosperity.

KSE has something for everyone. There’s stuff here you just can’t Google!

Love Kythera! Love Kythera Summer Edition!