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Aqua Jewel F/B - Citera - Visit Kythera - Grecia
Aqua Jewel F/B

Aqua Jewel F/B

Schedules from Piraeus to Kythera – Antikythera – Kissamos – Gythio with “AQUA JEWEL” Ferry

ATTENTION!!! We kindly request that you contact the travel agencies to ensure the accurate departure time of the ferry before your journey. Timetable is subject to change without prior notice.

FROM 17/06/2021 UNTIL 05/09/2021

FROM 06/09/2021 UNTIL 31/10/2021

Now you can book your tickets online.

Tickets in Piraeus
Tickets in Kythira
Tickets in Githio ROZAKI SHIPPING TRAVEL AGENCY Vasileos Pavlou 5, Gythio Tel: +30 2733022207
Tickets in Chania GELASAKIS SHIPPING TRAVEL CENTER Plateia 1866 no. 14, Chania Tel: +30 2821075444 Branch Office: 25th Martiou 30, Souda Tel: +30 2821089360
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