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Εκλεκτός οίνος ερυθρός ξηρός από τα Κύθηρα
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Selected red dry wine from Kythira The Chanioti family having over 3 centuries history in producing wine, presents their new red wine Prantzo. Prantzo wine with aromas from herbs and red fruits from pommigranite and berries with a discreet taste of vanila smoke, is added dynamicaly to wine choices. A wine with classical Mediterrean tamperamento perfectly combined with the aromas of thr Kythira islands. Prantzos high quality of wine is so not only due to its processing and maturing in oak barells but also the microclimate of the islands. You are able to find and taste our wine at selected restraunts and shops. Also by communacating with us to give your order.

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Μητάτα, Greece

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Ofertas en alojamientos en Citera

Ofertas en alojamientos en Citera


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