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The chapel of Agios Nikolaos Krasas is located on in the southwest of the Church of Myrtidiotissa in Mavros Vrachos, close to the rocky shore. According to tradition, in 1619, a captain named Kasimatis, was sailing with his ship full of wine near the western coast of the island. He was threatened by a storm. He called Saint Nicholas the protector of sailors for help, and promised that if he was saved, he would dedicate a church to him. The captain safely landed on the rocky shore of Mavros Vrachos. He believed that Saint Nicholas had saved him and decided to fullfil his promise. He built the small chapel in the name of Saint Nicholas. To use the mud necessary for the construction of the small chapel, instead of water, he used wine from his ship’s cargo. This is why the chapel was named Agios Nikolaos Krasas (Saint Nicholas of the Wine).

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Μόνη Μυρτιριδίων, Moni Mirtidion, Greece

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