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The very first harbor of Kythera, one of the most beautiful beaches, with its twin bays, the castle that dominates from the heights, the lighthouse on the boulder… like a phantasmagorical performance in an amphitheater whose eternal spectator is the small islet of Chytra (pressure cooker). Kapsali is Chora’s harbor, the island’s capital. For many years now the village has been a genuine hub of nightlife on the island. There are many cafés and bars, restaurants and taverns, as well as other shops on the long promenade, where people stroll back and forth endlessly, exchanging smiles and talking to each other. As a classic tourist destination there are many hotels and rooms to rent among the white houses that adorn the two bays.

Today, luxury boats and some smaller crafts can be seen bobbing in the old harbor of Kapsali, which is often visited by large Mediterranean cruise boats as it provides a guided tour service all the way to the island’s capital. If you’re planning on arriving by private boat we advise you to contact the port authorities in order to obtain information on services provided.

At the beach you can practice sea sports, rent a pedal boat to visit Sparagario (a small beach not far from Kapsali) and if you want to go further… just charter a boat that will take you to Chytra, the small islet off Kaspali. There, in the afternoon, as the sunrays illuminate the west side of the boulder and you are bathing in the great sea cave, you will see thousands of colors reflected by the water. Don’t forget your diving mask!

For all those who, alone or in the company of friends, want to go for a swim, enjoy a good meal, or rest while drinking a cup of coffee or tasting some traditional pastries, treat yourself to a full day in Kapsali, Kythera’s cosmopolitan site.

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Καψάλι, Κύθηρα

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