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Paliopoli is doubtless ‘the most blessed’ region in Kythira. (a Greek island off the southern tip of the Peloponnese peninsula). Apart from its historical significance and intriguing ancient settlements, this place is renowned for its rich greenery, mild climate, fertile valleys and exceptional range of both table and wine grapes. (Fokiano) Ιn the past, while under the Venetian and British occupation, all travelers and sightseers visiting Paliopoli spoke of the picturesque meadows dotted with lush vineyards in their travel journals. Predominant in regional wine varieties is the black and white ‘Arikaras’ (Fokiano); a delicious and fabulously fragrant wine made by red grapes. This famous and storied black ‘Arikaras’ of Paliopoli – premature grape berries – was shipped to the Piraeus market where it was in high demand.

“In Paliopoli valley I will plant a vineyard
And in ancient Scandia I will go to collect seashells.
Unripe grapes from Paliopoli
Girls use to paint their lips”

Over the last three centuries, our family has been producing wine with excellent flavor and great aroma. We inherited the land, the knowledge and the art of making good wine from our fourth great-grandfather. Our arid vineyards are near the sea and in addition to the microclimate of the valley, the careful manufacturing of the wine in our modern winery, as well as the fact that our wine is aged in new oak barrels, allow our wine to graciously develop. This lighter red wine emits an enormous variety of red fruit aromas (pomegranate, berries) along with smells suggesting herbs, vanilla and smoke. Our ‘Pranzo Chanioti’ tastes like it smells; it’s mild on the palate with silky tannins. You will be fond of its Mediterranean temperament and fine fragrance.

According to a local legend if you drink a full glass of our wine at a feast you will conceive a baby boy.

Sediments in the wine might occur due to freezing.
You can serve this red wine slightly cooler than room temperature (18°C).
Paliopoli Black ‘Arikaras’ PRANZO CHANIOTI is fermented and bottled in Kythira.

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