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Here in this position in 1975 the old vineyard that existed gave way so that a restaurant could be built.

All around the archaeological space of Ancient Skandia

in front the beautiful beach of Paleopoli and together with the great elm trees that sprung up we began to create this traditional place.

The SCANDIA , which was to leave its mark and its own history in Kythera. Today totally renovated and adapted to today’s wants Skandia will give you the chance to taste our local products, wine and the excellent quality of our food, also the warmth and good service. Protopsaltis family and our staff are ready and willing to serve you.

We wish you a good appetite!

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  • "το καλύτερο μαγειρευτό του νησιού δια χειρός "Ευανθίας""

    Εξαιρετικό οικογενειακό περιβάλλον, φαγητό μαμαδίστικο, αυλή με σκιά και δροσιά ακόμα και σε καύσωνα…. απλά υπέροχα!!!! Το καλοκαίρι προσωποποιημένο…. Επίσης μια από τις καλύτερες σπιτικές Φατουράδες του νησιού!!!

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