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Built in 1857 during the British domination, the lighthouse of Moudari is one of the biggest in Greece. It is located in cape Spathi on the northern tip of the island. It is 25 meters tall with a focal height of 110 meters. It started operating the same year it was built and was powered by oil. It had a 60 second flash impulse visible as far as 20 nautical miles.

During War World II, the lighthouse remained inactive. It became active again in 1945, during the reconstruction of the entire lighthouse network of Greece. Again, it was powered by oil. In 1984, the lighthouse was powered by electricity and it is still in operation, currently manned by personnel from the Lighthouse Service of the Hellenic Navy.

The signal-house, which is close to the lighthouse provided information to ships passing by the area. Paid for by the British Lighthouse Service it was built in 1903. The ships were kept informed by the signal-house with the use of flags. It offers a great view of the area, and when the weather permits, one can see the entire bay of Laconia, from cape Malea to cape Tainaro.

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