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In Kythira, like in other Greek windy islands, we see windmills. These mills were built during the 19th century, and according to written sources, the first mill was built in 1805 by Vrettos Friligkos. They were vital to the agricultural production of the island. Kythira is an island that favors their use because it has strong winds. Mills are usually built in the outskirts of settlements, in high ground where the wind is strong, and in places that have an easy access to arable land. They are usually built alone or in pairs. They are cylindrical, made of stone, and have a diameter from 5 to 6 meters, while their height ranges from 4,5 to 5,5 meters. Their entrance usually has a limestone frame. There are also windmills that are built with limestone. The mills of Kythira used to grind wheat. They were gradually abandoned in the 20th century and by 1955 the last windmill of the island ceased its operation. Today, there are still many well-preserved mills on the island.

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