The museums of Kythira. Classic, Archaic, Byzantine History.
Also the Venetian, French and British ages. Minoan, Mycenaean Arts.

Archaeological Museum of Kythera

The Archaeological Museum of  Kythera is housed in a building of 191,53 sm, which is located in a plot of 989,955 sm in the city of Chora. The Museum is located on the main road of the entry of Chora and in very short distance from the central square of the village. After the earthquake that struck […]

Byzantine Museum

After many years of work in Kythera the Greek Department of Byzantine Antiquities exhibited a valuable collection of Byzantine and meta-Byzantine works of art in the small meta-Byzantine chapel of Analipsis in Kato Livadi. The Metropolitan Church of Kythera donated several of those pieces. There are also some Byzantine frescoes as well as icons and various church […]

Coats of Arms Exhibition

Administrative Information Τ.Κ. 80100, Chora at Kythera (Prefecture of Attiki) Telephone: +30 2736039012 Email: [email protected] Opening Times Winter: 9.00-15.00 Summer: 8.00-20.00 Daily (Closed on Mondays) Tickets Full: €2, Reduced: €1 Special ticket package*: Full: €6, Reduced: €3 Valid for 3 days. * Valid for the Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine Art Collection and the Coat of Arms Collection

Fava’s Oil Press – Cultural Centre

Ιn 1880 Panayioti Kastrisios “FAVAS” returned to  Kythera from Smyrna and settled in his family home in Mitata. Over the years he extended it with the addition of a coffee shop and an oil press. In 2005, the current owner, Eleni, Fava’s great great granddaughter and her partner Kosta decided to restore the property taking careful steps […]

Folklore Collection of Lourandos

The Folklore Collection of Kythera came from an donation from the the teacher Dimitris Lourandos (retired director of the Primary School personal work ) who over many years collected the objects of his personal collection with his students. These artifacts are a testimony of everyday life of the island in the past. Today the collection is hosted […]

Museums in Kythira

Kythera, with their rich historical history, has small museums and collections that give visitors the opportunity to travel back in time. They will describe historical events, admire important finds and discover how people lived in other times.

The Archaeological Museum of Kythira is located in Chora. After the catastrophic 2006 earthquake, the museum’s building, which had suffered great damage, was restored, retrofitted, and reopened its doors to the public in 2016. It is now one of the most modern museum in Greece and the exhibition is really impressive.

In Chora you can also see the Oikonomi Collection located in the castle. Coats of arms that, in the Venetian times, adorned the houses of noblemen are presented in an excellent exhibition. The Folklore Collection of Kythira in Chora exhibits useful objects of everyday domestic and rural life that show us how people used to live in the old times and how they used them.

In Kato Livadi one can see the collection of Byzantine and post-Byzantine artworks hosted in the post-Byzantine temple of Ascension. You will see hagiographies, mosaics and ecclesiastical vessels originating from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine temples of Kythira.

Also make sure you visit the mill in Mitata, known as “the Fava of Liverpool”. One of the most remarkable cultural sites of Kythira that informs the visitor about the stages of olive oil production as it was in the early 20th century. In the area you will have the chance to see various objects of folklore interest.

The acquaintance with the history of Kythira does not stop here. Every corner of this place hides a secret, a valuable piece of information that may be of interest to you. Schedule your visits after checking the opening hours of the museums. In many of the museums, admission is done by buying special tickets. We wish you to visit them all!

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