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Off Road Driving

Drive to the most remote areas of the inland of Kythira! With its rich geomorphology, the island has a labyrinthine network of dirt roads that cross forest and rural areas.

If you have a four-wheel car start exploring Kythera. You will discover dilapidated settlements, churches, pastures, vineyards and vines. You will pass ravines, springs and bridges. You will even be able to approach some unknown beaches, or even small ravines and caves. You will enjoy the natural scenery of the island and you will be amazed at the extraordinary view it offers.

Awesome areas to explore:

  1. West Kithira from Melidoni to Mermigari
  2. The forest of Gerakari in the north
  3. Mitata and Paliokastro
  4. Kalamos with the surrounding areas
  5. Sea Kayaking

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