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Ride in Waterfalls - Kythira - Visit Kythera - Greece
Ride in Waterfalls

Ride in Waterfalls

The ravine of Mylopotamos with its running waters starts from the center of the village and ends at Kalami beach. It is surrounded by plane trees and poplars and creates waterfalls and small paradise ponds. This ravine is bordered by 22 watermills used by the inhabitants to grind their grain in the past.

The experience

You can enjoy a pleasant cool hike starting from the waterfall of Fonseca, perhaps the most impressive of all. Dive into the cool waters and admire the scenery under the shade of the ancient plane trees. Follow the path through the ravine. As you descend, you will encounter the watermills, other small waterfalls, stone pedestals and small stone bridges. The path is easy for the first few meters. Beyond that, the level of difficulty is greater.


The Kythera Hiking team has carved, cleaned and signaled a 2.6 km roundabout trail that offers safe walking. Have a camera with you. You can take great pictures!

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