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Sea Kayaking - Kythira - Visit Kythera - Greece
Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

Do you love sea kayaking? Take your kayak and your equipment and try short distances along the coast of the island. We recommend the Avlemonas – Kombonada route, always along the coast. A slightly more difficult route is from Avlemonas to Diakofti. Try also the Kapsali – Melidoni and Lydodemos – Kalami routes. If you experience sea kayaking for the first time, we recommend consulting an experienced trainer.

Around the island

Although a more difficult experience only recommended to experienced rowers, circling the island will give you great emotions, as the shores are natural enough to hide small coves, sea caves and beaches that are not approachable by land. If you have experience in the sport you can start from any coastline, taking into account the time you need for your next stop and your food and water supply.

A mobile phone that has access to at least the European emergency number “112” is necessary, especially if decide to stay overnight on one of the hidden beaches. It is also recommended to inform someone on land about the course you are going to follow as well as your departure time.

The Weather and the Sea of ​​Kythira

The winds often change direction and intensity in the sea of ​​Kythira. Paying attention to your course is a must. Consulting people who are familiar with the weather and the sea of ​​Kythera is recommended.

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