The school of Milapidea

The school of Milapidea

It is one of the most beautiful works of architecture of the time of British rule (Ionian state under the sole protection of Great Britain 1815 – 1864). The building stands on a hill visible from the settlements of Livadi, Fatsadika, Kontolianika and Keramoto and is in an excellent condition. It was built in 1825 by the British commissioner, and engineer Macphail. The project was part of the overall organization of public education in all of the Ionian Islands. The constitution of 1817 established the right of free public education, with Greek becoming the official language of the state. Elementary education was based on the modern pedagogical method of the time, the monitorial method of the Lancaster and Bell system. According to this method, the older students taught the younger ones. In Britain, the monitorial method was in use since 1800.

The Monitorial School of Livadi, as it was named, instructed children of all the surrounding settlements in the morning and afternoon throughout the year. The students were between 5 and 15 years old. In 1825, 88 children from the surrounding settlements attended the school. The school remained open until the early 20th century, when new elementary schools were built in the surrounding settlements.


The building built with perfect dimensions has a domed roof. It was gothic-style windows with limestone frames and above the entrance one can see a marble tablet with an inscription with information on its construction.

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