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Yer: Kuzey
Giriş: Asfalt
Plaj: Orta uzunlukta, pırıl pırıl beyaz kumlar
Bilgi: Sığ sular, kalabalık bir plaj, taverna, snack bar, kafeteryalar, Liman, Balık tutma imkanı ve turist barınağı

2 Reviews
  • "Amazing place"

    I am not sure why the previews reviewer wrote that stupid review. This is an amazing beach. The sand is like the gold coast in Australia. Beautiful scenery and it is a great place for kids and families. If one day happened that the were one or two plastics in the sea that per se does not mean anything. I am amazed how people enjoy to write BS on internet.

  • "Pollution"

    The beach is sadly one of the dirtiest that I have ever seen . It is covered with plastic waste, I mean covered.

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