We visited the Kaleris sea side restaurant, on the beautiful beach of Agia Pelagia. Yiannis, who is the sef and owner of the restaurant, waited for us in his kitchen to travel together in his alternative world of flavours! He put on his pinny and started cooking tasty food and mezedes. After a gastronomic journey in some of the best restaurants and hotels of Greece and a short, special education in Milano, he tries, with the greek cuisine and  Mediterranean “tips” to perform a different mix of flavours. Yiannis continues the history that began in 1954, by his grandfather Kaleris and later his father, with success and imagination. Pure and rare goods in a result qualitative and unique are the main characteristic of Kaleris cuisine. He uses local meats, herbs of Kythera, thymus honey, cheeses, varieties of fresh greens and vegetables, Kytherian rusks and the unique olive oil of Kythera. Also, fresh fish, lobster, crawfishes, and variety of seafoods. Start with meals of the day, you can choise many. We preferred “vrehtoladea” (Kytherian rusks with fresh tomato sauce and feta cheese), feta French fries, fried stuffed zucchini flowers, traditional omelette (with local sausages, pepper, potatoes and fresh local butter) and roasted octopus. Taste the traditional salad with lettuce, Kytherian rusks and roasted manuri  cheese.  “Astakomakaronada” (lobster with pasta) is a very special meal with tomatoes and fresh basil. Meals on time as greek souvlaki, tenderloin, chicken filet on the grill, steaks, kalamari(squids), shrimps  and fresh fish and lobster salad marjnarjsme’no in soft vinaigrette basil. Tsiriyo is called the island which is full of beauties and if you want to taste delicacies come to Kaleris Here you will find tradition and greek cuisine mediterranean culture and spicy mezedes In company with the sea and cool breeze here you will enjoy our local wine.

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