Fig tree is one of the most common trees of the country as it is developing fast and very easily resulting to its presence even on walls. Flowers are tiny and hidden in the pyriform receptacle that during its maturity period is one of the sweetest fruits, the fig. Ancient people of Athens prohibited the export of figs because they considered them valuable commodity that only the residents of the city should enjoy it.

Scientific Name:
 Ficus carica

Cueillette: Moraceae

Kythera Name: Sykia

Name in other places of Greece:
 Sykia, Ornos, Agriosykia, Ornia

Collection: Fruits, leaves and shoots of the plant. Fig tree is found all over Kythera.

Properties: The fruit is cathartic. It fights mouth diseases like gingivitis, stomatitis, pharyngitis. Antitussive. It is used also in skin conditions.