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The most popular coffee shop of the island was established in 1908. Here,
in « Astikon » you will enjoy a cup of coffee, a soda or a cocktail. You
will taste a variety of appetizers, accompanied with ouzo, or tsipouro
(a type of local alcoholic beverage), sweets, and a variety of
ice-cream flavours. Have your breakfast at « Astikon » served from 7.00 am
and come back late at night! Have an iced beverage, or a beer while
listening to selected music. Seat inside, in the lounge area, or
outside, if you are a romantic type of person contemplating the view of
the village of Potamos.
At Astikon you will be able to play board games, backgammon, and chess,
as well as a computer with internet connection. Surprises that await the
harmless and anxious minds; Events with poetry and music, movie
projections and art exhibits.
You are at the central meeting point of the island!

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