This wild artichoke with its characteristic white flower and its thorny leaves widely spread on the land prefers offshore areas of our country. It is a plant with interesting distribution over the Aegean sea. It is found in Crete and Southern Greece. Apart from Greece it is also found in Cyprus. In Kythera it exists mostly at the northern part of the island.

Scientific Name: Cynara cornigera

Cueillette: Asteraceae (or Compositae)

Kythera Name: Agria Agginara

Name in other places of Greece: Agria Agginara

Collection: From March to April, artichokes are ready for consumption.  It shall be found in uncultivated, stony areas.

Properties: Agriagginara is indicated for hepatic conditions. It is a tonic, cholagogue herb and even an aphrodisiac elixir.