Its scent is very intense. It was known to ancient people. Athinaios mentions that it was used as poison antidote. Additionally, it was used for nervous system conditions (epilepsy, hysteria etc). It is mentioned in Gospel of Luke and Matthew. It was related with prejudices during the Middle Ages.

Scientific Name:
 Ruta chalepensis

Cueillette: Rutaceae

Kythera Name: Apiganos

Name in other places of Greece: Apiganos, Vromoapiganos

Collection: The whole plant apart from roots. It is collected when it is bloomed from May to September.

Properties: It is emmenagogue and abortifacient. It is usually used in poisonings. It is a medicine against hysteria and epilepsy. It sooths pains of the joints, from rheumatisms, phlebitis and varices. It fights amebas and other bowel parasites. It cleans wounds and ulcers