Gorgoyiannis (wild clary)

It is considered to be a weed even though this turfy plant has many pharmaceutical properties known from ancient years. Ancient people appreciated it a lot and considered it panacea for all diseases. There are stories saying that if one put some seeds of this weed within his/her eye, it would heal the pain, it would clean his/her eyes from dirt and his/her vision would get better.

Scientific Name: Salvia verbenaca

Cueillette: Lamiaceae (or Labiatae) 

Kythera Name: –

Name in other places of Greece:
 Agrios vassilikos, Gorgoyiannis, Vervena, Stavrovotano, Veroniki

Collection: This plant is collected as it is bloomed from June to September. Usually it grows on rocky and waterless lands.

Properties: Drinks from its flowers are used to fight fever and neuralgias. It is considered to be good for the stomach, tonic, diuretic, lactogenic, emmenagogue and antidiarrheal. Its exterior use is antiseptic, healing and against spasms.