A very common plant in Greece and Kythera. Plinios called it “food of the poor”. It is located very frequently on the streets shoulders, it is used in medicine and also as a vegetable from ancient times until today.

Scientific Name:
 Malva sylvestris

Cueillette: Malvaceae

Kythera Name:
 Molocha, Agriomolocha

Name in other places of Greece: Agriomolocha, Molocha, Ampelocha, Malachi, Ampelochi, Moulagka

Collection: It is found on lands growing at places where nettle usually exists.  A suitable period for its collection is from June to September.

Properties: It is used over irritated skin as painkiller. It is used to sooth and palliate peptic system, as cathartic. Mallow’s root is used to prepare an ointment for various skin diseases.