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About Us

Visit Kythera and Escape the Crowds

Up your game with all-new excitement. Get out there and have a blast!

Visit Kythera is a private company that was founded in 2004. It is an organization providing tourist information and services for the island of Kythera. It powered by the participation of many corporations around Kythera. Its functioning is based in a mutual program advertising the tourist product. For Visit Kythera are employed on free will professionals from the field of advertisement, the media, IT and sciences.


  • To plan the development of a distinct type of vacation and recreation for the visitor of the island.
  • The development of the market of Kythera.
  • The qualitative development of the services provided for tourists
  • An increase of the benefits for Kytherians and Kytherian economy
  • The collaboration with strategically important associates.


  • Strategic approach of the public
  • Market research & marketing, advertisement campaign
  • Collaborations, events and possibility of financial aims
  • Publishing periodically issues regarding Kythera

Visit Kythera and Green Economy Progress

Visit Kythera is contributing decisively in the development of a different type of economic progress, based in the viability and the conducive use of the environment. Sustainability of natural resources, utilization of renewable resources of energy, development of ecotourism, and the protection of the natural richness of Kythera are the basic characteristics of the development model that is needed in the region.

Corporate With Visit Kythera

Visit Kythera is a corporation of communication and information that activates to promote Kythera as a leading destination for vacations internationally.

It is aiming towards people working in the field of tourism of Kythera, as well as towards those that work in the field of communications and advertisement.

As an associate of VisitKythera you can promote your products and services.

Sponsors & Partners

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