How to get to Kythera

All the different Ways to Access the island and Move around

Come to Kythera! The quickest way is one of the daily, 35-minute flights from Eleftherios Venizelos, Athens International Airport.  You can also come by boat from the port of Piraeus.  If you are driving there are also liner routes from Peloponnese and from the ports of Gytheion and Neapoli.  You can also arrive by boat from Crete or the port of Kissamos. Check with your travel agency to prepare your arrival in Kythera. If you are using a pleasure craft the Kapsali quay offers the whole array of services for safe and comfortable mooring.


The quickest way to come to Kythera is by plane. Domestic and international flights arrive daily at Kythera’s national airport. This is a modern airport that complies with all international safety regulations and has been in operation since 1972. The very first landing took place on 20 December 1971 and the current facility was built after the year 2000.

Kythera National Airport – Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority – PC: 80200 Kythera
Tel.: +30 27360 33297 – Fax: +30 27360 38039
Telex: 0242174 LGKC GR – E-mail: – URL:



Kythera has a safe port to the northeast, facing the village of Diakofti.  The port was inaugurated in 1996 and easily meets the island’s needs.  It is connected to Kythera’s capital city and airport through a main road.  It is located 30 km from the capital and 9 km from the airport.

The driving force behind the construction of the Diakofti port – which started in 1982 – is Grigoris L. Kassimatis and the decision to start working on the project was ratified by a People’s Assembly in the capital of Kythera.

Other ports and tourist havens include Agia Pelagia, Kapsali, Avlemonas and Platia Ammos. Kaspali has a harbor to accommodate pleasure crafts and can also accommodate Mediterranean cruisers.

Accordion Content

Antikythira 25 n.m
Neapoli 15 n.m
Gytheion 38 n.m
Kalamata 65 n.m
Piraeus  104 n.m
Kissamos Crete  54 n.m
Diakofti (Kythira)+30 2736033280
Neapoli+30 2734022226
Gytheion+30 2733022262
Kalamata+30 2721022218
Piraeus+30 2104172675
Kissamos Crete+30 2822022024


Kythera is at the entrance of the Aegean Sea.  If you are traveling to the Greek islands you will come this way. In Kapsali, in the southern part of the island, there is a pleasure-boat harbor that can accommodate up to 30 crafts.  You will find all the services provided by a safe port.  We advise you to contact the Kapsali port authorities for further information.

Road Network

Main Roads and Careful Driving

Kythera’s road system is good but drivers must be careful. Although distances are short roads often run along the edge of the cliff and have many bends, making driving difficult. Also, as the island’s inhabitants are used to seeing fewer cars on the road in the wintertime, they often drive dangerously.

In Kythera as in the rest of Greece you drive on the right-hand side of the road. All distances are expressed in kilometers. Priority must be yielded to those coming from your right-hand side. The speed limit on main roads varies between 80 and 100 km/h (48 to 60 mph). In towns and populated areas the speed limit is 50 km/h (30 mph). Drivers and all passengers must fasten their seatbelts. Do not drink any alcohol when driving in Kythera. Legislation on driving under the influence is very strict.

Anyone riding a motorcycle or a bicycle must wear a helmet. Bicycles require front and back lights at night. Motorcycles must have their front light switched on at all times.

You must have your driver’s license with you when driving. You cannot drive any other type of vehicle than the one you are allowed to drive in your country. You must be at least 21 to rent a car in Kythera.