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The ravine of Mylopotamos with its running waters starts from the center of the village and ends at Kalami beach. It is surrounded by plane trees and poplars and creates waterfalls and small paradise ponds. This ravine is bordered by 22 watermills.

Cycling in Kythera

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Cycling in Kythera requires the muscles and the lungs of an athlete.  As you get to know the island you will understand that this is far from being the ideal place for cycling! That is, unless you have a craving for rugged trails, since Kythera is an island of hills.

Canyoning in Kythera


A wild and very beautiful gorge, also known as Kakia Lagada.  It starts in Palaiochora, a Byzantine citadel formally called Agios Dimitrios, and stretches all the way to the northern coast of Kythera, east of Agia Pelagia, to Limni (the lake).


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With a vibrant cultural scene all year round, Kythira is buzzing with music and festivities in all corners of the island. Events include an impressive mix of both local and international artists.


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Welcome to Kythera, the idyllic birthplace of Aphrodite. A window in the middle of the Mediterranean. Walk in the paths of the heart and secret loves.

Kythira is the island that blurs the border between myth and reality. The romantic envision depicted in Antoine Watteau’s painting , The Embarkation for Cythera (“L’Embarquement pour Cythère”), is a living rendering of the Kythira experience as it grasps the deepest meaning of life that is embedded in three words: Love, Nature, Freedom.

Make this thought a reality. Search for the best accommodation in Kythira with selected hotels, rooms to let and houses. You can even buy your Kythira travel tickets here. We show you the best restaurants, cafes and entertainment services available on the island. Take a tour of Visit Kythera and discover the sights and culture of the island. Take the paths of Kythera, enjoy a stroll in the Mylopotamos waterfalls and swim in the island’s beautiful beaches.

Go ahead, escape to Kythira. The goddess of Heavenly Love is waiting for you.


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