March flower

It is called March flower because it blossoms on March. It is found everywhere in Kythera from sandy beaches up to the high hills. Ancient Greek had dedicated this flower to goddess Artemis and considered it as a healing means for female minor problems.

Scientific Name:
 Anthemis chia, Ανθεμίς η χία

Cueillette: Asteraceae (or Compositae)

Kythera Name: Martolouloudo, Myrtolouloudo, Margarita

Name in other places of Greece: Margarita, Agria Margarita

Collection: It is found at places where chamomile is found and it is collected during May and June.

Properties: It is used as an antitussive, mycolytic and anticonvulsant substance. Furthermore, it is good for the stomach and bowel problems.