Adrenaline Tourism and Experiences in Kythera

We suggest 8 hikes that will let you take in as much as you can from this sensuous island. Walk through the small ravines and gorges, visit the caves and springs. If you’d rather be in salty water tour the island in a yacht. And if you prefer fishing let it be known that you are in the best spot of the Mediterranean Sea! But enough with the superlatives. Would you rather cycle round the island? That can be arranged too! Anything is possible in Kythera!


A wild and very beautiful gorge, also known as Kakia Lagada.  It starts in Palaiochora, a Byzantine citadel formally called Agios Dimitrios, and stretches all the way to the northern coast of Kythera, east of Agia Pelagia, to Limni (the lake).  The mouth of the gorge forms a lake, hence the name of the place. […]


You are coming to a miniature of Greece. Beaches, waterfalls, canyons, trails, rocks. Rocks that you see around the castle of Chora, rocks protecting the most beautiful beaches that once protected Greek ancestors. Modern climbing in Greece began with a climbing trip to Plaka of Vardousia Mountain, in 1936, by a Greek climbing team in […]


Cycling in Kythera requires the muscles and the lungs of an athlete.  As you get to know the island you will understand that this is far from being the ideal place for cycling! That is, unless you have a craving for rugged trails, since Kythera is an island of hills.  Nevertheless, there are places where […]

Diving in Kythera

Underwater tourism and diving as part of a vacationing experience combine an ecological concept of diversion with the raising of environmental awareness and a generous shot of adrenaline! The island of Kythera boasts 90 km of coastline. The sea of Kythera is an ideal environment for diving given its excellent degree of translucency and underwater […]


You have come to the Sea of Kythera, the richest sea of the Mediterranean.  Do you like to venture out on the rocks with a fishing rod, or are you partial to greater adventures and you would like to borrow a small craft to go fishing in a bight? Seek all the necessary information from […]


Discover Kythera on the trails. Kythera is a mountainous island that offers some beautiful walks. Between all these mountains, valleys and mountainsides there is a whole network of tracks and trails. In the past, when there were no automobiles and people were working in the field, trails were used to cut distances and time. Those […]

Off Road Driving

Drive to the most remote areas of the inland of Kythira! With its rich geomorphology, the island has a labyrinthine network of dirt roads that cross forest and rural areas. If you have a four-wheel car start exploring Kythera. You will discover dilapidated settlements, churches, pastures, vineyards and vines. You will pass ravines, springs and […]

Ride in Waterfalls

The ravine of Mylopotamos with its running waters starts from the center of the village and ends at Kalami beach. It is surrounded by plane trees and poplars and creates waterfalls and small paradise ponds. This ravine is bordered by 22 watermills used by the inhabitants to grind their grain in the past. The experience […]

Sea Kayaking

Do you love sea kayaking? Take your kayak and your equipment and try short distances along the coast of the island. We recommend the Avlemonas – Kombonada route, always along the coast. A slightly more difficult route is from Avlemonas to Diakofti. Try also the Kapsali – Melidoni and Lydodemos – Kalami routes. If you […]