Almond tree

Almond tree

It is very well acclimatized in Kythera and in many cases it grows alone. Even though it was systematically cultivated in Kythera (Karavas was one of the places with great and quality production), today its cultivation is almost abandoned.

Scientific Name:
Prunus dulcis, Prunus amygdalus


Kythera Name:

Name in other places of Greece:



Leaves, flowers and fruits along with skin.


It is used as palliative, diuretic, antidiabetic and antipyretic agent. Almond oil contained in the fruits is exquisitely soothing and it is used in A’ degree burns. It is used in pharmaceutics and also as a cosmetic substance.


The well-known drink sumada is made of this. Pulp peeled almonds, dilute it with water and then filter it through a cotton cloth – veil. Mix the infiltrate with water and sugar. Drink is ready.

Bitter almond (variety of almonds) is very toxic, this is why its usage requires great attention and knowledge.

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