Boranga (borage)

It is an one-year plant rich in potassium and nitrites which give to it numerous pharmaceutical usages. It is a villous plant. Its leaves are edible. It attracts bees and it is used in bee hiving. Its scent reminds of cucumber. Ancient people used it against melancholy.

Scientific Name: Borago officinalis

Family: Boraginaceae

Kythera Name: Boranzza

Name in other places of Greece: Boranzza, Borancena, Bourancino, Barachina, Boracene, Boracino, Arbeta, Aggouritsa

Collection: The whole plant apart from roots can be used. It grows in kitchen gardens and in cultivated lands. It blossoms from May to September, but it should be collected as soon as it starts blossoming.

Properties: Its flowers are soothing and palliative. It is a diuretic, appetizing, perspirating and cardiotonic herb. It is beneficial in colds, bronchitis and pneumonia.


Boranga may make you feel great self-confidence and audacity in difficult decisions, meetings etc. This is due to the fact that I causes an increase in adrenaline production in the body