It is indigenous Australian tree. It was planted on the island at individual houses, squares and plots and also in great numbers (Gerakari, Potamos etc.). It has great requirements in water and this is why it flourished in places like Karavas and Mylopotamos. Eucalyptus leaves and fruits have essential oils that are healing, and this is why in homes with a sick person, they boil water with eucalyptus leaves.

Scientific Name: Eucalyptus globoulus, Tasmanian Blue Gum

Family: Mirtaceae

Kythera Name:

Name in other places of Greece:

Collection: Eucalyptus useful part are its leaves which are collected all year long.

Properties: Antiseptic, antitussive, ideal medicine for bronchitis. It is also anti-rheumatic, antithelmintic, antipyretic and analgesic. Eucalyptus essential oil heals wounds and ulcers and it is also applied on light burns.