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Up until the early 1990s Diakofti had no more than 5 or 6 houses. Even back when the island was governed by the British there were plans to build a harbor and set up a small town. Nothing was erected until 1995, when the island’s main harbor started to operate. Diakofti has been developing ever since. Today, it is one of the busiest places with its beautiful beach, cafés, restaurants, shops and several accommodations.

You can spend the entire day in Diakofti, bathing in shallow waters and having fun on a fine white sand beach until the sun becomes unbearable, at which point you can look for some shade in one of the cafés or taverns in the area. Treat yourself to some fresh fish or seafood from one of the local fishermen. In the afternoon, visit the archaeological site where you will find a large underground cave, a place where Venus was once worshipped.

Diakofti offers several seaside accommodations as well as some land for sale. Many people buy houses here. There are many hotels and rooms to rent and finding a place to stay is quite easy.

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Διακόφτι, Νήσοι, Ελλάδα

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