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This is Kythera’s “agro-tourist” village. Here you will find accommodations that combine your stay with the experience of the farming life, with small hotels that also have gardens, orchards, vegetable gardens, etc. Kalamos is in the southern part of the island, nearly 2 km from Kapsali. You will meet farmers going to work in their tractors, and see many vineyards in the surrounding area.

Kalamos is close to two of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Chalkos – with its copper green waters – and Firi Ammos – a wild beach with coarse red sand. The tiny harbor of Vroulea is an ideal fishing spot where you can also take a dip. Next to the village is the church of Saint John Theologos, which offers a breathtaking view of the island’s eastern shore. Use your map to try and discover other hidden beaches in the surrounding area.

In the village proper there are many good restaurants offering traditional dishes, as well as some steakhouses. Come and delight your palate with a taste of products grown and cooked in Kalamos. And for the entertainment of younger people there is a surprise event that only takes place occasionally: a party with some loud music that lasts until sunrise, organized in a farm not far from Kalamos. The surprise announcement of this party is one of the most highly anticipated summer events, and there are often parties for young people on the beach of Chalkos.

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Κάλαμος, Νήσοι, Ελλάδα

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