Apart from its pharmaceutical properties and usages in cooking, rosemary is said to have the ability to clean the atmosphere and “drive away” bad spirits. It is used as a substitute of incense, as it is also stated by its name in Greek (rosemary = dendro-livano and incense = livani).

Scientific Name:  Rosmarinus officinalis

Family: Lamiaceae

Kythera Name: Losmari, Dentrolivano

Name in other places of Greece: Dentrolivano, Rosmari, Lasmari, Rozmarini, Arismari, Arismares, Dyosmarini

Collection: It is found on wild fields and also cultivated in houses’ courtyards as it used very often in cooking.

Properties: Tonic and stimulating herb. Cardiotonic, cholagogue, mycolytic, antiseptic for the lungs, antidiarrheal, emmenagogue.