This village is located in the center of the island, at the edge of a plateau, with a green valley spreading out before it, full of terraced gardens along the slopes through which flows the water of many springs. The view is breathtaking: in front is the valley, towards the west is the narrow gorge of Tsakonas, opposite is the picturesque village of Viaradika, and in the background, towards the south, is the sea.

The vegetation and biodiversity are both very luxuriant, and the trees and bushes make for a beautiful setting. In the past villagers used to grow vegetables and fruit trees in their gardens and vegetable gardens. Here you will find a variety of Kythera apples (or Kythera prunes) known in local parlance as “Venus nipples”. Mitata’s soil is often made up of sand where thousands of fossils can easily be found. This is testimony to the fact that Kythera emerged from the depths of the oceans millions of years ago, and also explains the myth of Venus and the link between the island and the Goddess.

Mitata (plural of Mitato) owes its name to the large number of sheep pens and cheese dairies (Mitata) that existed in the past. Shepherds used the many caves in the area as shelter for their livestock. Visitors who wish to do so can easily visit the gorge of Tsakonas, where you will find water mills, caves and springs, as well as churches with some remarkable frescoes. Panagia Spiliotissa (the patron saint of caves), the “Black Cave” and the “Cat and Dog” are some of the most significant places to visit. Don’t hesitate to ask the villagers for help and directions. You will find Mitata’s main spring as you go down towards the valley, where you can take a short rest, drink fresh water and have a picnic. Next to the spring you will also see the place where the village women used to come and wash the bed linen.

Today, the inhabitants are mainly involved in agriculture, but also in tourism. The village has some of the most beautiful accommodations on the island. Mitata is also known for its wine festival, which takes place once a year in August. Myrtia, the association that organizes this fun fair, is one of the most active and dynamic.

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