Pine (Aleppo Pine)

Pine does not belong to the old flora plants of Kythera, even though Gerard de Nerval (1808 – 1855) mentioned that he saw sporadically some pine trees during his visit to the island. Pine was planted in bulk many decades ago creating big or small forests in areas like Potamos, Gerakari, Myrtidia, Vroulea and Kapsali. Some of these were burnt (e.g. Myrtidia, Vroulea) but it seems that they are coming back to life. Trees are mostly pinus halepensis trees. Last years, pine trees have been infected by the Marchalina hellenicus insect and many of them are dried.

Scientific Name: Pinus halepensis


Kythera Name:

Name in other places of Greece: Pefko

Collection: The useful parts of pine are needles, resin, cones and buds. Pine needles and buds are collected in spring.

Properties: Pine is a useful herb for rheumatism, skin diseases, pneumonia and bronchitis. Fruits that exist in the pine cone are very invigorating. Boiling buds can make a soothing lotion for people with depression and some neurasthenias while it calms skin acne.