It is one of the plants that was dedicated to Aphrodite during antiquity. It is a rigid plant and it has been cultivated in Kythera since very long ago without some particular care.

Scientific Name:

Punica granatum


Lythraceae, (Punicaceae)

Kythera Name:

Rodia, Rogdia

Name in other places of Greece:

Rodia, Roidia, Rogdia


The useful parts of pomegranate tree are its flowers, leaves, skin and the fruit seeds. Pomegranate tree is cultivated usually in the house gardens. Fruits are collected in autumn.

Skin is used as an insecticide substance cleaning bowels. Flowers and skins are astringent and they are used in diarrhea and dysenteries, hemorrhoids etc.  Fruits are a useful food for those with mental work.

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