Thyme and savory are two different plants. While their differences are hard to spot, beekeepers can discriminate easily these two plants on the spot, but they face some difficulties when they see it in photos. They are the most common and at the same time the most important aromatic plants as they are responsible for the most important and known since antiquity product of the island, the honey. Apart from an important aromatic and beekeeping plant, thymus is also a pharmaceutical medicine (tonic, antiseptic, disinfectant, beneficial for respiratory problems and in cases of influenza). The essential oil this includes is used in perfumery and in the treatment of plants diseases.

Scientific Name: Thymus capitatus

Family: Lamiaceae (or Labiatae)

Kythera Name: Thymari, Thrumbi, Thymbi

Name in other places of Greece: Thymari, Thrumbi, Thymbri, Thymbros, Melitzini

Collection: This is found in all dry and infertile areas. Its bloomed tops are collected from May to October included.

Properties: It is stimulating, it fights stress, depression and weakness. Thymol substance helps the fat ingestion.