Venus hair fern

It is a hygrophilous plant, and this is the reason it always grows on rocks close to taps, shafts or gullies with water. There are about 200 species of Adiantum all over the world, but in Greece this is the only one met. It was known to Dioskourides and Plinios who used it to fight asthma. Folk medicine uses it against hair loss (therefore maidenhair) and also as antitussive, palliative, antipyretic, anti-vomiting, soothing tonic, perspirating etc.

Scientific Name: Adiantum capilus-veneris, Αδίαντο η κόμη της Αφροδίτης

Family: Pteridaceae

Kythera Name: Komi tis Afroditis

Name in other places of Greece: Polytrichi, Mallohorto, Skorpidi, Fytsi tou nerou, Kalitrichon, Pigadochorto Komi tiw Afroditis, Psalidochorto, Vrontotrichi

Collection: Leaves are collected on July and August.

Properties: It is recommended against hair loss. Furthermore, in order to treat breathing problems such as the common cold, coughing, bronchitis and asthma.