Kythera’s Springs

The island of Kythera has many springs, most of which are in the central and northern parts of the island.  Some of the springs in the northern area contain minerals.  The most important springs are in Mylopotamos, Mitata, Viaradika, Gonies, Krya Vryssi, Peratis, Ocheles, Petrouni and Karavas.

1. Kaloyerou behind Agios Nikolas
2. Petrouni
3. Agios Mama (half an hour west of Petrouni)
4. Routsoinas (from Kalakathi)
5. Keramari (Karavas)
6. Amir Ali (Karavas)
7. Portakalia (Karavas)
8. Milopotamos/Fonissa
9. many pools below Neraitha
10. Road down to Pelagia
11. Spring at Mitata
12. Mudaro at Mitata
13. Gonia between Paliopoly and Mitata
14. Spring at Viarathika
15. “Sithero-Nero” (“Iron-Water”) near Diakopoulanika
16. Kampi behind Diakopoulanika