Moon trefoil

Medick is generally the common trefoil. It is supposed to have been imported to Greece by the Medes people during the Wars on the 5th century BC and this is why it is called “medick”. Most plants of this species are turfs. Medicago genus is met on the island with many species, some of which have minimum differences between them. The cultivated species is initially imported 50 – 60 years ago, most probably by Koxman, as farming plant. Today it grows also uncultivated in interspersed places of the island. In Europe, it is also used as seasoning for boiled food while seeds germ are added to salads.

Scientific Name: Medicago arborea

Family: Fabaceae (or Leguminosae)

Kythera Name: Trifylli, Midiki

Name in other places of Greece:
 Trifylli, Midiki, Agrio Trifylli

Collection: We are using all the plant and its seeds. It is preferred to collect it on spring. It may be dried and kept in jars.

Properties: It is digestive and cathartic and it is suggested in cases of indigestion, constipation and other bowel defects. It is also appetizing and tonic while it is suggested in cases of anemia. It is also anticonvulsant (sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system stimulant), mycolytic, antipyretic, antianaemic factor, it cleanses blood from toxins, fights insomnia and nervous tension. In the form of compress it is applied on bruises, skin sores and insect biting. Boiled with other greens helps lactating mothers to the milk secretion. Trefoil is a rich food in vitamins C, D, E K1, provitamin A and inorganic substances.


As a nutritional substance, fresh leaves are added in salads and soups in spring. They can also be boiled with wild vegetables.