Musical Traditions and Songs of Kythera
We offer you selected music pieces related to Kythera. Get to know Kytherian traditional music, compositions by Kytherian artists and music that talks about Kythera in general.

Passage to Kythera

Musician Nikos Economidis has established himself in Greek traditional song systematically contributing to the recording of music tracks in the Aegean islands. He has recorded the musical tradition of Kythera in the recording work entitled “Passage to Kythera” in collaboration with the Kythera cultural association “Myrtia”. Here are two music tracks (courtesy of the creator). More about Nikos Economidis and Greek traditional music can be found on the artist’s website: Let the mountains lower (Ας χαμηλώναν τα βουνά) – Nikos Economides   The Red Splatter (Το κόκκινο σπαλέτο) – Marisa Koch  

Rare recordings

Kyparissoula Kassimatis, a sweet old lady from the Livadi of Kythira gave us two exceptional and rare performances with Kytherian songs. St. George (Άη Γιώργης) – Kyparissoula   Dance again (Έπιασε πάλι το χορό) – Kyparissoula  

Catelouso’s music

The Kytherian composer Panagiotis Lefteris or Catelouso lives and works in Kythera. He writes music drawing on his energy from nature, history and the people of his island. Below are two of his musical compositions and more can be found at Beautiful you are (Όμορφη που ‘σαι) – Nikos Katrizidakis   The Song of Sirens (Το τραγούδι των Σειρήνων) – Catelouso